The history of king Gel gel bali

Gelgel king, Dalem Ketut Ngulesir I Gelgel King Center in Bali after the government moved from the palace Samprangan concentrated in Gelgel. Palace is the name given Sueca Pura. Afapun as king in peretama Palace Sueca Pura amasih is a successor of the dynasty of hereditary Kepakisan of Majapahit. He is aI Dewa Ktut Dalem, which was then titled Ktut Ngulesir, because it is considered as Dynasty Kepakisan, the king is also titled Ktut Dalem Kresna Kepakisan who ruled for about 20 years (1380 - 1400) According to traditional sources, the king is known as a very handsome king, known as a government special (cawiri) a birthmark on the right thigh. This is also seen as symbols of his prowess in leading the people. Evidence or monument of King Dalem Ktut Ngulesir as king in Gelgel I found very difficult. Mentioned by both the chronicle and other sources.

Dalem Watu Enggong King Gelgel II, After Ktut Dalem Ngulesir meinggal, the government Gelgel replaced by his eldest son the title Dalem Watu Enggong or often called Dalem Waturenggong. Dalem Waturenggong government is the peak time greatness or packaging the Kingdom of Bali. Because in the era Waturenggong Dalem, Bali is the kingdom extended to the Sasak (chili), Sumbawa, and Blambangan Puger. Dalem Waturenggong is the king of the patriarch by the king of Pasuruan and King Dalem Mataram.Pemerintah Waturenggong the XVI century (around 1550 M) is the beginning of the offshore bond and the influence of the Majapahit kingdom fall over Bali by Majapahit kingdom work Islam.Pada Dalem Waturenggong this period, disputes have occurred between the kingdom Gelgel Blambangan Dalem occupied by the Savior that is triggered because of the rejection of the application of Waturenggong Dalem Ni Gusti Ayu Dalem Bas Putrid Savior. Hostilities occur, bali paramilitary unit led by Patih hose successfully kill the king Dalem Blambangan Savior. About the certainty of years of government and the remainder in Waturenggong king Dalem Klungkung Gelgel and very hard to find the source of the chronicle some new script (which still must be tested for their accuracy, collection AA Made Regeg Puri Anyar Klungkung, meyebutkan governmental Dalem Waturenggong called the number in years 1400 to 1500. While the script written by I Dewa Gde Catra, Sidemen - Karangasem the years 1460 -1552 M). Indeed, the second source is not much different, but still need to be inspected guilty.

Gelgel Dalem Bekung King III, Raden Pangharsa Dalem, which was then titled Bekung is the oldest son of Dalem Waturenggong that eventually became the king Gelgel to 3, because he is still very young, the government daily Gelgel represented in the fifth to the uncle Gedong Atha, I Dewa Nusa, I Dewa Pangedangan, I Dewa Anggungan, and I Dewa Bangli.Masa Government Dalem Bekung is the kingdom of darkness early Gelgel. Because the government is going too many problems and difficulties. Kingdoms Gelgel outside Bali that have been mastered Dalem Waturenggong items escape. Also occurred in the rebellion in the kingdom made by Gusti batan Orange call-up of I Dewa Anggungan that no other is their own uncle, rebellion Batan Jeruk nearly knock Gelgel, Arya Kubon before the body is still faithful to Dalem able to quell the rebellion Batan Jeruk.

Dalem Segening King Gelgel IV, After the rebellion mollification Batan Jeruk follow the occurrence of which is done by Krian Pande as retaliation over the failure of Batan Jeruk. Of the very day and can be quenched with Kareian killed Pande, because the situation began garbled, then the Council by the Kingdom of Gelgel was I Dewa Segening replaces brother as king Dalem Bekung. I Dewa Segening then titled Dalem Segening. With voluntary Dalem Bekung submit to the throne because the brother does not feel himself able to accept the mandate of ancestor. One of the most prominent change of government is the return Dalem Segening kingdoms Sasak (Lombok), which recognizes the authority of Sumbawa Gelgel. And one thing that is important Dalem Segening the tournament began to spread to almost all Dalem Bali. Itupun tournament title and has been divided-for start status as the most supreme knight Dalem, predewa noble, noble knight prangakan and prasanghyang .. Just as well as government Gelgel earlier, almost no residual that can be both a documentation and other objects by the editor as Gelgel proof of greatness.

Dalem Di Made Gelgel V King, After the government ended Segening Dalem, Gelgel be governed by the Dalem Di Made at the same time as the last king of the kingdom Gelgel. Time of peace that have been made by Dalem Segening can not be maintained by Dalem Di Made. This is because Dalem Di Made too excessive to give trust to pengabihnya I Gusti Agung Maruti. Council so that Council chose to leave the other castle. This is finally used by I Gusti Agung Maruti to overthrow the government Dalem Di Made. This business was successful, Dalem Di Made-son with her son to save himself Guliang village accompanied by about 300 people who are still faithful. Is the Dalem Di Made up a new palace. For almost 35 years experience kepakuman because Gelgel Dalem Di Made had to evacuate Guliang (Gianyar). While the Maruti Gelgel. This would make Bali in pieces some of which resulted in the kingdom, such as Den Bukit, Mengwi, Gianyar, Badung, Tabanan, and Bangli Payangan states themselves participate in this independent condition worsened with his death Dalem Di Made in Guliang palace. With his death Dalem Di Made, making the kingdom a temperamental Council to restore the kingdom to the dynasty Kepakisan. This three dipelopori by palace officials Panji Sakti, Ki Good Sidemen, and Jambe pile, they are finally a strategy that Maruti unuk attack power in Gelgel. Attack carried out from three directions simultaneously to create a Maruti followers and not able to maintain Gelgel. Maruti successfully fled to Jimbaran and choose to live in Alas Rangkan.

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