Tanjung benoa beach - Parasailing

Tanjung Benoa Beach in Bali is famous as a center of recreational sea water. It is just 25 minutes drive from Bali's International Airport or just a step from Nusa Dua Bali. If you take a vacation to Bali, don't forget to visit this place. There are many exciting water sports such as parasailing, jet ski, water ski, banana boat, etc. This time i want to explain about parasailing.

Have you ever imagine can flying like birds while enjoying the scenery from a height?

Parasailing is a fantastic activity by hinging the body under airborne which is pulled by the speed boat to overview the amazing panorama of the coastal area. It will bring you to fly 95 meters above sea level and you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of Tanjung Benoa and surrounding area. The friendly Parasailing Guide will ensure you with the high safety equipment and short briefing before flaying off. Your experience will begin from take off on the white sandy beach to surround coastal area until landing back on the sand.

The tourists who want to enjoy this game does not necessarily have experience as a parachutist. People will be able to play this parasailing for ages 7 years - 65 years. Children who follow this game will be guided by the parasailing which already have experience that is ready to participate in flying.

Don't forget to bring:
* Hat
* Sun glasses
* Sun screen
* Shoes/sandal
* Short pant
* Camera
* Money for drinks

It's fantastic, isn't it? You can like birds flying around Tanjung Benoa Beach Bali while enjoying the scenery around the hotel, the sea port of Benoa and Nusa Penida island. Length of game parasailing: 1 lap time in the Tanjung Benoa Beach Bali.

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